The Alexander Arrangement of Elements
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Classic Illustrated Model Kit of the
Chemical Element System

spacer Systemized by strictly following the Periodic Law, the Alexander Arrangement of Elements format of continuous and contiguous elements, groups, and blocks full color, is a three-dimensional model depiction of the ACTUAL arrangement of nature's chemical elements, 13.75" tall, and fits within a 15.5" circle.
spacer It is intended for validation of the Periodic Law in the lesson with mass & trends, prior to the Periodic Table.

spacer $60
Illustrated Model of the Chemical Element System

3D Illustrated Alexander Arrangement of Elements model kit

DeskTopper Models of the Alexander Arrangement of Elements
spacer Two separate fully color coded student size Alexander Arrangement Periodic Table models assemble in minutes, providing an accurate model of the Periodic Law, the real Chemical Element System, a new and correct way of explaining the necessities and convenience of flat periodic tables.
spacer DeskToppers are printed on sturdy card stock: 4.75" tall inside a 7.5" circle when assembled (with either Y over Lu, or Y over La, or both).
spacer The assembled model can be folded and flattened to 11.25" x 5" for portability in binders and folders.

spacer $30
DeskTopper / Chemical Element System personal model pair (2)


AAE DeskTopper Model – Y over La – Alexander Arrangement

Order Page for Chemical Element System models in the Alexander Arrangement of Elements format

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